CustomPress custom taxonomy retrieval issue


I'm using Visual Composer plugin to make dynamic pages where I retrieve custom posts, filtered by custom taxonomy > ex here on where I get products from custom taxonomy "cosmetiques" (from Woocommerce custom product category).

Unfortunately, when trying to do the same on another website (under construction) using custom taxonomy created with CustomPress, it does not work (see Visual Composer options and result "nothing found" I tried the same thing with another custom posts plugin (Easy Content Types) and it works..? What could be the different between the 2 plugins regarding the manipulation of taxonomies?

One clue: actually, working with CustomPress custom taxonomies and Visual Composer works in other situations > ex. when working with filters it can find and use CTax

Therefore I'm thinking that the custom taxonomy name "chambre" used in VC is not the right name? (here is my CTax options

Thank you very much for your help