Custompress Custom Temporary Permalink Structure

I have a very "off-the-wall" question and hopefully you guys can help.

A quick overview: I created a Custom Post Type for users to submit their projects for an award using Custompress and Gravity Forms. Works great. A panel of jurors are chosen, and will judge the submissions.

I'm trying to set up these submissions so there's no identifiable information for the jurors. However, this is only for the judging process, for the jurors. Perhaps a custom template page(s) for the archive and single page just for them. IDK... After judging is complete all information is viewable.

I have the Project Name as the title, but I'm trying to change the permalink structure for the jurors so they don't see the project title in the url, but rather the post ID.

I'm using the /%postname%/ structure but trying to change this only for the jurors during their judging process, along with the title and everything else.

I'm not sure how to change this post type's permalink structure. ie via Settings > Permalinks only for a short while for the judging process.

Hope my explanation is not completely confusing. Thanks.