CustomPress / Directory - make custom fields meta have additional features (eg. upload pdf)

I like how easy custom press or directory make it to create additional post types and custom fields.

I recently launched a support case asking how to add an upload button to a custom field type. I was given links to a couple of tutorial places but I'm struggling to implement this .

I think this would be a great feature to add, allowing for users to have additional functionality built into this plugin to help users even further. Especially with the behind the scenes acquisition of content to those custom post types and fields.

For example:

Being able to create a custom field that supports additional featured images, or upload pdf's for download, calendar date pickers etc.

I particularly am interested in creating new 'upload' fields for listing attachments for download.

There are quite a variety of free and premium custom post type creation tools out there and I think your tools need a couple of additional aspects to help them stand out as this will help you stand out even further over all the other plugins that do the same thing.

I'm also going to ask for a features request / add on or new plugin allowing for searching and presenting custom post type data.