CustomPress Errors on Multisite Settings

I had some trouble installing the CustomPress plugin on a multisite install. I was getting someerrors when I tried to change the settings:
Notice: Array to string conversion in [removed]/wp-content/plugins/custompress/core/core.php on line 81
Notice: Undefined index: enable_subsite_content_types in [removed]/wp-content/plugins/custompress/core/admin.php on line 232
Notice: Undefined index: display_network_content_types in [removed]/wp-content/plugins/custompress/core/admin.php on line 233

I fixed these errors by making these changes, but I'm not sure if that was right to do.
In core.pgp on line 81, I removed the brackets and used concatenate dots:
wp_register_style('jquery-ui-datepicker', $this->plugin_url . "datepicker/css/".$theme."/datepicker.css", array(), '0.5');

In admin.php on line 232 and 233 I changed the bool typecasting to the isset() function:
update_site_option( 'allow_per_site_content_types', isset( $params['enable_subsite_content_types'] ) );
update_site_option( 'display_network_content_types', isset( $params['display_network_content_types'] ) );

Again, not sure if these are bugs that need fixes, or if I'm going to run into problems down the line with these changes.