Custompress fields removed in admin.

I have tried every fix suggested on the forums to restore my fields. I have reverted back to and I still don't see my fields. This is a major issue for me I have 154 posts using 5-10 fields each, and still need to add more posts using these same fields.

I do appreciate the work you all do at wpmudev but for the price we pay to subscribe, errors like this are unacceptable. I hope you can understand how angry I am at the moment, since I will have to re-do hours of work if the next update doesn't fix my install. I have a feeling that my fields are lost now, since reverting did not restore them to the admin panel.

For others out there experiencing a similar issue with this plugin I have found a very good substitute, however it only does custom fields. I feel this might be a safer plugin to use since it uses WordPress's own custom fields for storing data, which means you can still access your data without the plugin installed. Advanced Custom Fields