CustomPress Fields styles are not applied at the front end page

I’ve a question about styling the output of CustomPress Fields. As it stands right now I’m inputing a series of <p> elements and on display I’m getting a single string sanitized of all my input. I need it to output the original content without making these changes.

Can’t replicate these changes with default WordPress theme.

The support access is granted. Please visit the /album/ghosts/ page and check the text under “Liner Notes”.

Custom Fileds have WP Editor selected.

Please advise

  • Adam
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    I haven’t gotten a reply about this and I know it’s a little vexing. But I narrowed down the problem after it was suggested to me in support that my theme may have been the issue. First, I removed the field from CustomPress and opted instead to use ACF to generate a WYSIWYG editor. But before I did that I stopped to check the error console and it seems that the editor produced by CustomPress has an incompatibility with TinyMCE right now.

    What I noticed was that if I edited the text in the “text” instead of “visual” editor, the results were fine as long as I wrote compliant HTML. However, if I switched to the visual editor and switched back, the html markup would be stripped out of again.

    Obviously that wouldn’t do for a client site so I had to remove the field.

    As an aside I get the general feeling there’s a lot of technical cruft, rot, and abandonment in the current lineup of WPMU’s plugins. I’d really rather them be straight up abandoned than offered to us as part of a premium package. The few plugins that WPMU does maintain well are worth the money, but the drop in quality on some, maybe most plugins is noticeable and frustrating.

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