custompress genesis 2.0 new features for CPT archive

Custompress supports these fields:

Register support of certain features for a post type.

Editor - Content
Thumbnail - Featured Image - current theme must also support post-thumbnails.
Custom Fields
Comments - Also will see comment count balloon on edit screen.
Revisions - Will store revisions.
Page Attributes - Template and menu order - Hierarchical must be true!
Post Formats - Add post formats.

As far as "supports" array goes, when creating the custom post type.

Genesis framework requires a few more values to be passed in the support array of the custom post type:

'genesis-seo', 'genesis-cpt-archives-settings'

How can I add these to the array. The plugin is sort of sealed front end. If I make a change it'll get deleted in plugin update.

Is it possible to somehow hook to the array or something that the plugin creates?

This is very important to me. I love custom press. However, as a developer, I'd never build off of a genesis framework. So if this can be addressed?