Custompress how can i embed 1 specific post, in a page?

I was wondering if i could use a specific custom press post or content fields, within other posts tht i create?

What i want to achieve is to create blocks of information, and reuse them on several pages in my site.

Its actually someting like a banner. With title, small image and text.

It's also almost solved with a plugin like 'recent custom posts'. but i don't want to show a recent post, but i want to show a specific post.

Thanks in advance to anyone taking time to reply to my question.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Winoman

    I hope you are well today, that might require some custom coding, you could add a custom post type, then add a custom field in the settings of that attach it your post type and then display it by editing your loop or index/page.php you might also do that by just adding custom fields to the default post type, is that what you wanted to achieve?

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • Winoman

    Hi Jack,

    thanks for your reply. In the last part lays my challenge.
    i'll try to clearify my goal some more.

    Quote: "and then display it by editing your loop or index/page.php"
    W: This is the part what its all about for me. How do i do that. I'm not a coder, more a designer. So i'm looking for an easy way to realise this.

    Maybe this example helps: (it's how think it can be done correct me if im wrong)
    - i create a custom post type, lets say 'location'
    - i create several locations, so i got some content (heading + tekst + url + image)
    - then i'm ready to use this content.
    - i create a regular page or post with some tekst
    - On this page i would like to 'insert' 1 of the locations. Somewhere in the content with a short code or something easy like that.

    Hope you can point me out where to start, or maybe how to achieve this in another way.
    Thanks again.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Winoman

    I hope you are well today, sorry for the extreme delay with my reply, in this case, It might be better to use shortcodes rather than custom coding within a template file.

    You certainly have the right idea, the shortcode you will most likely want to use to display an individual custom post would be this

    [ct_in id="_ct_selectbox_4cf582bd61fa4" property="title | description | input"]

    Where this 4cf582bd61fa4 is the idea for your custom post type, if that makes sense? :slight_smile:

    I'm here to help.

    Thank you for your patience and sorry again about the extreme delay.

    Kind Regards

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