Custompress – How Do I display Custom Field Data into a Custom Column in Admin Area?

Hello all,

I’m loving Custompress and I’ve just made a custom column in the Admin Area for my new post type. Below is the code I used to make a new column and it’s working.

But, what code do I add to display the ‘Product(s)’ values in this new column and make them links to take you to the screen to edit the posts? Right now, this column is empty and I need an alternative to the Title column because I have disabled it.

// Add Custom Columns

add_filter(‘manage_edit-mobile_coupons_columns’, ‘add_new_mobile_coupons_columns’:wink:;

function add_new_mobile_coupons_columns($gallery_columns) {

$new_columns = ‘<input type=”checkbox” />’;

$new_columns = __(‘Product(s)’:wink:;

$new_columns = _x(‘Date’, ‘column name’:wink:;

return $new_columns;


Thanks! Cheers!