CustomPress: How to make a custom field that uses custom posts?

I have a few issues with custom post types.

1. I want to make a custom field which requires a custom post as an entry. Example is if I have a custom post type “Person” and want a custom field for mother or father this field should autocomplete and require to be another person entry that was already added.

2. I want to make a checkbox for a binary value “Do not show in scholars table” which would be false by default as a custom field but don’t see how to do this.

3. I want to make a custom post type “Book” but want “” to be the table of contents and introduction but for the chapters to be at “” and maybe if you can recommend a way that I could also “Publish to PDF” a while book without PressBooks. Also the book author would have to be a “Person” added in #1.

4. I want to make a custom post type for reference books specifically which would allow chapter and section references so going to “” would be an intro and list of chapters like before but you would add chapters and items so “” would list item 1 in chapter 1 but “” would list all items of that chapter and you could also do “” to list those 3 items. A real life example of this would be:


5. I want to know if there is a specific way to make an “Add Person” button on the frontend which pops up a modal and form to add people on the front end.

6. I want to put permissions so any logged in user can Add New Person or Edit Own People or Edit All People, etc. but may want to change this to Author, Editor, Admin roles if abuse becomes an issue… so our CustomPress items can be edited wiki style… especially if this can be done from the frontend

I know some of this would fall under CustomPress usage or features and others I would have to code but would like guidance on each item. Thank you.