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I have tried the live help and unfortunately, the chap didn't provide accurate information and then your live chat froze hence this ticket.

I have a multisite install. I installed custom press and followed the detailed instructions to create my custom post type and the custom fields i required. I then created a test site and manually added information into my custom post type fields. On viewing the test site (test site no 1) it all works as I expect it too.

I have over 1k + sites to import. SO firstly i used the wpmu batch create to create some test sites. All works as expected. It created my test batch of 10 sites.

Next i now need to add my data to the custom post type and fields for each of those 10 test sites i created with batch create.

I looked around the forum and these are the only relevant and closest community posts that i came across: and HOWEVER each of those are very old and lack any detail on how to import data.

The live help provided was also very poor before the live help crashed. I was advised to install ultimate exporter then use ultimate importer to import data HOWEVER after installing those plugins they dont show up in the network admin and ONLY ultimate importer shows in a network site and not even network admin section. Not good. I tried wp all import & wp all export HOWEVER these only show per network site and seem to only be able to export data for that particular site and not all network data. Looked very good, picked up my custom post BUT wont do it for all sites on network!!

Please help and provide detailed advise on how i can import data into the custom post and fields i have created for each of my network sites. I have 1k+ data to import and manually doing that for each site makes custompress redundant and not fit for use in my case.

I eagerly await a reply.

Kind Regards

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello jc786

    You may try our Multisite Content Copier plugin, you can find it here:

    First of all, you need to insert posts in a site. And then using this plugin you can copy that posts to all sites, or a group of sites. But note that, the posts won't be linked, that means after copying if the parent site content changed, it won't reflect in the child sites.

    Have a nice day!


  • jc786
    • Flash Drive

    Hey Ash,

    Thanks for the reply. However, I dont think its relevant to my initial question.

    I looked into multi-site copier which could work IF i wanted the same data/content in all of the multi-sites.

    However, all the multi-sites, although they would be using the same custom post type, would have different values for there custom fields.

    Let me elaborate a little. The custom post type relates to businesses. The custom fields as an example would then be: business name, address, telephone number, social link etc.

    So as you can see all through using multisite copier would allow me to show the initial site's data on all multi sites the data shown wouldnt be relevant.

    I also think using multi-site copier would be an additional step that wouldn't be required for what I am trying to achieve.

    IF only there were some detailed docs on how to import data to custom fields for multi-sites for custompress. Even the link in my initial post: the support stated that the custompress docs were missing this crucial and detailed import info...

    Still waiting for support to pitch in and clear things up and provide some required advise and steps to get the job done!

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello jc786

    I'm not sure if we're on the same side here so let's do a quick recap first, ok? As I understand it, the case is:

    - you do have your custom post types, custom fields etc already created (in terms of structure)
    - the are already there, all across your multisite - all the sites where they are needed
    - now on all these sites you need to import some large amount of specific data into these custom posts and custom fields but these "data sets" are different for different sites

    Is that correct?

    The CustomPress plugin is not for "handling data". It's a tool to help you create custom post types, custom fields, custom taxonomies - as in "structure". Normally, that's done by writing some code adn the CustomPress is there to help you avoid writing a code etc, letting you create these "structures" in a few clicks. That's, however, where its role more or less ends. The "export/import" feature in the plugin is related to the "data structure", not the "data".

    Adding/importing data into these "structures" is a different thing. In fact, even a native WP import feature can import data into custom post but you need the custom post to be already defined and you also need the data to be in proper XML format.

    What format/where/what from are you importing that data then? The Multisite Content Copier would indeed copy data from one site to another but if you want to import some sets of "ready to use" data from "outside" you'll need a different solution, plugin of a kind suggested during the chat. It might, however, mean that either the data itself needs to be somehow adjusted (it's format) or some more "universal" import tool is required to let you properly "map" items to relevant post types/custom fields.

    Kind regards,

  • jc786
    • Flash Drive

    Hello Adam,

    OK, I'll confirm the steps that I have taken so its clearer.

    1. created my custom post type
    >> added my custom fields
    >>> business name
    >>> address
    >>> URL
    >>> custom description

    2. created a custom template that has the custom fields integrated via the template.

    3. created a test site using my custom template.

    4. added values to my custom fields for that test site via WP admin.
    >> refreshed the test site to ensure that custom fields are shown, which they are.

    5. batch created a further 10 sites using wpmu bulk creator pluginin.

    That's it.

    Now what I want to do is import the data I have in my excel spreadsheet (business, name, address, URL which is differnet for each site) to the custom fields available for those newly created test sites.

    I installed the ultimate import/export plugin but as per my comments above this didn't work as its shown per site and not network admin as is the case with all in one import plugin.

    I understand what you are saying regarding the custompress import/export function which is only for creating new structures etc. that's not what I want to do.

    I hope this makes it clearer on what I am trying to achieve and look forward to a response...

    Kind Regards

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello jc786

    Thank you for clarification on this.

    I must say, however, that it doesn't seem to be easily doable. Now, after your additional explanation, I can see why import plugins don't work for you but I can also see some slight "difficulties" here.

    I understand that you got all the data in your spreadsheet. It can be easily exported to XML or even better to a CSV file. So far so good. But then you want to import them "all together", in one go, in a way that the data would be accordingly assigned to the sites. Pretty much all "importer plugins" that are marked as "multisite compatible" would work the same way - they'll be available per site - and the trouble is actually "how to properly assign specific data to a specific site".

    I'd say that each row from your spreadsheet must contain some identifier that would let WP identify the site. So it must contain and ID column where the value for a given row is equal to the ID of the site that row must be imported to. It could be a numerical ID or it can be e.g. site name but it must exist in both spreadsheet and the site. Then it still would require some custom code to identify what site to import to, based on that ID.

    I suspect that WP All import plugin in a full pro version might have some sort of rules of that kind but I admit I never tried the pro version so I'd rather not suggest using it as I'm not 100% sure of that. Other than this, I'm afraid it might require custom code to get data imported the way you want it to be imported. I think you may consider posting a job request for a custom solution, e.g. on our "Jobs & Pros" job board here (please note: no WPMU DEV staff involved!):

    Kind regards,

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