custompress import data


I have tried the live help and unfortunately, the chap didn't provide accurate information and then your live chat froze hence this ticket.

I have a multisite install. I installed custom press and followed the detailed instructions to create my custom post type and the custom fields i required. I then created a test site and manually added information into my custom post type fields. On viewing the test site (test site no 1) it all works as I expect it too.

I have over 1k + sites to import. SO firstly i used the wpmu batch create to create some test sites. All works as expected. It created my test batch of 10 sites.

Next i now need to add my data to the custom post type and fields for each of those 10 test sites i created with batch create.

I looked around the forum and these are the only relevant and closest community posts that i came across: and HOWEVER each of those are very old and lack any detail on how to import data.

The live help provided was also very poor before the live help crashed. I was advised to install ultimate exporter then use ultimate importer to import data HOWEVER after installing those plugins they dont show up in the network admin and ONLY ultimate importer shows in a network site and not even network admin section. Not good. I tried wp all import & wp all export HOWEVER these only show per network site and seem to only be able to export data for that particular site and not all network data. Looked very good, picked up my custom post BUT wont do it for all sites on network!!

Please help and provide detailed advise on how i can import data into the custom post and fields i have created for each of my network sites. I have 1k+ data to import and manually doing that for each site makes custompress redundant and not fit for use in my case.

I eagerly await a reply.

Kind Regards