custompress menu options for submitting and editing.

how can I have a page where members can submit their content to the selected custompress content types

like the classifieds has basically need menu items where they can click to submit their post and then we review it and either delete or publish it.

also in the menu i added the specific category for the content type and its showing exerpts in a list like a blog page would but it shows the category: at the bottom of each exerpt

"Posted in Happy Tails"

which is the name of the category, i do not want it to show that. does it pull that page from the single-happytails.php that was created under settings, or does it pull that from page.php is the url that shows all the exerpts = would like to have more control of what is shown on this page like what to display and what not to display. how much text to show per exerpt etc. if done via my template I would need to know what file this is please. is a single post.