CustomPress not showing all options


I am just trying out CustomPress and I have installed it on my dev system. But it is behaving strangely.

Dev system is 3.8.1 and I have disabled all plugins and set the theme to 2013.

if I NETWORK enable, it operates as expected, i.e. all three CustomPress options are shown at Network Admin level, see first screen shot.

But if I network deactivate and activate at blog level, I don't get all three.

Initially, logged in as the super user (who shows is also administrator at blog level) I only get two options, see second screen shot.

So I added another user as administrator hoping I'd see all three, but bizarrely that user only sees one option, although is shown as administrator, see third screen shot.

I would say that this dev system has in the past had lots of different plugins, such as Market Press previously activated so there may be many old 'option' in the db not cleaned up.

  • Fullworks

    If you are using a Multisite please note: There are TWO ways to use CustomPress:

    1. Network Activate. In the Network Admin>CustomPress>Settings Menu you will need to enable subsite contents. There will be two checkboxes there: first enables the Content Type menu on subsites in the CustomPress section. The second allows subsites to use any Network level defined custom types. When network activate you can define custom types at the Network level and these will appear on all subsites. If enabled you can also define custom types at the subsite level and they will be restricted to just that subsite.

    2. Activate Site by Site. Each site creates their own content and it is restricted to that site.

    Pay attention to the above: You cannot move content around after it has been created so you would have to delete and re-enter. In most cases you probably should not network activate and activate locally on those that need CustomPress.

    Isn't correct at the moment.

    I have found the issue and workaround.

    The plugin if you do step 2 only has not set the option to allow subsites to create content, which it probably should do by default.

    So to get it working
    Step 1, Network activate and tick the box for subsite content, and save
    Step 2. Network deactivate
    Step 3. Activate Site by Site



  • Patrick

    Hi there @llocally

    I hope you are having a great day!

    You are absolutely correct on that point!

    If CustomPress is installed and activated only on a sub-site, the Content Types menu item is not available. To make it available, the plugin must be first network-activated, and sub-site content types enabled.

    Not very intuitive I agree.

    I'll notify the plugin developer to see if a refinement can be made to the logic in the plugin to allow for sub-site activation without first network-activating.

    Thanks for pointing this out! I've added a note to the usage page about this in the meantime.

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