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I know there is no difference between a post and page except the post type if i am correct. The pages do not show authors. So my next question is there a setting inside of custompress to make the content types pages instead of post's. I have a really non setup theme from yoothemes and can not use the copy fuction on custompress as no matter what it still calls the default single.php file. So i was just wondering if there was a code edit or setting inside of custompress for this kind of thing. It would be really nice if there is.

  • Philip John
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    Hi xlrdxrevengex!

    Let me just check I understand what the issue is so I can best help you...

    You want to make your custom post type similar to the default 'page' post type?

    Specifically, you don't want to have 'author' on your custom post type?

    You can specify the inclusion or exclusion of the Author element when you create your custom post type. See this screenshot which shows where:

    You could also edit the capability to page (see this sceenshot) when creating your custom post type.

    Can you please clarify what you mean by "copy function"?

    I hope that helps you out!


  • xlrdxrevengex
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    correct i do not want the author box. For some reason my theme will not let me choose what i want to have on there such as the featured image author etc.

    by copy function i mean where it copies the single.php and makes it's own file single-whateever.php

  • xlrdxrevengex
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    Sweet got the page thing working. Now its time to figure out how to put a featured image setting in. When i setup the featured image in the custom press type support list it does not show a box for a featured image but i imagine that is because of the fact that it is not supported on my theme. So time to do some modifications does anybody know the file ill be looking for?

  • Mason
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    Hiya xlrdxrevengex,

    Trying to get caught up here on what you're wanting to do.

    Are you not wanting the author info to show up on the front or in the admin?

    To have it not display on the public side just remove those bits from your singe-whatever.php (such as get_author_meta and the_author_meta)

    For featured thumbnails - just grab the default twentyten theme. Look at the loop.php file to see how they implement it there (also make sure it's enabled in your theme's function file :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps. Thanks!

  • xlrdxrevengex
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    i do not want the author part at all my theme does not let me use single-custom.php files at all. So i am trying to work with my theme since i like the layout of it but at the same time i am trying to figure out how i can use custom press. The theme is from yootheme and i no longer have my subscription with them. Cost way to much.

  • Mason
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    Yeah, it's nearly impossible for us to help you with another company's theme - especially if it breaks the default WordPress theming conventions :slight_frown:

    I'm not sure what else we can do at this point, but if you get it sorted due let us know so we can help future folks.

    Marking as resolved.


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