Custompress placing custom posts onto my recent blog posts page

I was using Custompress, Only created one custom post type (Pics) and then I noticed that my normal blog page was displaying the “custom post type” posts instead of my normal blog posts? When I de-activate custompress, everything goes back to normaland my page resumes displaying recent blog posts.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I have the latest wordpress. I hav wordpress set to use a static page as home, and then “” as my recent posts page.

I have to turn custompress off to keep my site going. I was really looking forward to having pics as a custom post type… so i can seperate blog posts from pic posts…

  • DavidM
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    Hi Shane7,

    I haven’t seen that before in my use of CustomPress and am unable to replicate that in testing. It does sound like there could be a possible plugin conflict. Any chance you could try deactivating other plugins to see if/where that’s the case?

    Though perhaps it’s something odd to do with permalinks too. Perhaps you could try resetting your permalinks (Settings > Permalinks) by setting them to default, saving, then selecting your preferred setting and re-saving?

    Also, if your theme supports them, you may be able to use Post Formats to achieve a ‘pics’ type of post. Have you considered that?



  • Shane7
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I think my blog just got all screwed up because I kept tryng so many different plugins (trying to get pagination of custom post types to work). I ended up uninstalling wordpress and reinstalling and everything worked right.. whew, pain.

    I wish I tried the permalinks reset first! lolol damn, I have to remember that tip.

    I’ll look into that post formats… sounds like it can be useful. the theem im using doesnt support it though, but migt be worth changing theems if it does what it seems like it might do. :slight_smile:

    well thanks for the tips. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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