CustomPress Post Types for specific Supporter packages?


I need something like this, could you help me if it doesn't require much time?:


I have created some post types with CustomPress and want to assign 1 post type to Supporter level "Pro", and second post type to Supporter level "Super Pro".

Talking about new version of Supporter of course, as it has this multi-level support.

Is this possible?

One more question related to CustomPress:
I have created custom post type - Hotels, which will let users to add hotel (for their travel agency sites for example). So I need to insert some codes in theme file to show that additional fields and taxonomies. This is standard way, but I have just discovered "Create template file for:" field and have such question - this means that it will create additional .php file with same template as post has, so if I create this files for every theme in my Network, this means that every theme will support adding of Hotels.

Tell me if you haven't understand well what I've just explained here.

Thank you!