CustomPress question: How to create a widget that lets users sort posts of a custom post type?


I’m trying to build a database of marketing tactics using CustomPress. I’ve got the content pages set up fine. ie, I created the custom post type, one hierarchical taxonomy, and 4 custom fields – they all appear correctly in the content pages.

Now I’m on to getting these content pages to be sortable and possibly searchable. For the moment, the sorting feature is more important.

I want to create a widget that will let users sort posts by taxonomy and by the 4 custom fields. They could use checkboxes or multi-choice pull down menus to do this.

This paid plugin

looks like it’s almost exactly what I want. The problem is it hasn’t been updated in a year, and the description says I can only filter by “numerical custom fields”.

Can you point me toward any plugins that could do this, or any relatively simple coding solutions? Any help is appreciated.


Pam Neely