CustomPress - Strange behaviour - Removing navigation in header and getting not found message

Hi there

CustomPress looks like a fantastic plugin, thanks.

In testing it, though, on a WP3.0.4 install (running multisite) and using the TwentyTen theme I'm getting some weird behaviour. After setting up a custom post type, adding taxonomies and adding custom fields, the admin entry form works fine, but these things are happening on the front end:

(1) when I have the "Display post types on 'Home'" set to include the new post type (like this:, the navigation in the theme header (on the front end) vanishes on the home page (but not other pages), like this:

(2) more alarmingly, while (with these settings) a new post type entry will display on the homepage, when clicking on its title/permalink I get a not found error message, like this: This happens both with and without a custom template file having been created for the post type

Can someone please help with these problems? Have they been encountered before (I couldn't find any forum discussion of them).

Many thanks