CustomPress – when using the ct_in shortcode, can a field be not required

I have a site that will maintain patient records. I used CustomPress to create some custom fields for patient information – some of that information like DOB is required when creating a patient record.

On the site, I have a search bar that stays on the top of all the pages and it uses the [ct_in id="DOB-Field-ID" property="title | description | input"] shortcodes to display the CustomPress fields in the search form.

I also have a front-end page that us the same shortcodes to let them edit patient records without going into the wp-admin.

The issue I'm running into is on the single-patient-record pages where I let them make the edits. When I go to save the edits on the patient record, the fields in the search error saying they are required even though they are outside of the edit form and outside the loop.

Is there anyway with Javascript or with the shortcodes to tell the fields in the search form they aren't required while still leaving the same fields in the main edit form as being required?