CustomPress where to add shortcode in single.php?


I tried to set up a custompost site. So I did some custom fields and than createt a single-buchbesprechungen.php
Now I'm trying to handle that the info is displayed within the post. But I am not a programmer and I don't get which is the loop inside the code of the single.php and where to add my stuff. This is how it looks like in my single.php:

echo '<div id="bb_home" class="main-content">';
$BB_id = $post->ID;
$glop_post_style = ot_get_option('bb_feature_post_style') ;
$post_style = get_post_meta($BB_id,'bb_post_style', true) ;
if ($glop_post_style != NULL) {

get_template_part( 'inc/extra/'.$glop_post_style.'');

elseif( $post_style != NULL ){
get_template_part( 'inc/extra/'.$post_style.'');
$bb_moudel_box = ot_get_option('bb_moudel_post_onoff');
if ($bb_moudel_box == 'on') {

echo' </div>';
$social_share = ot_get_option('bb_share_post_onoff', 'on'); if ($social_share == "on") { get_template_part('inc/extra/BB-fixed-share'); }

Where do I add the code? I have just to add this, rigth (wihtout the <?php)?

<?php echo do_shortcode('[tax id="verlag" before="your text before " separator=", " after=" your text after"]'); ?>