CustomPress: You are not allowed to edit this post

Hi there,

I am pretty green in this world, but learn fast and am on a steep learning curve :slight_smile: I am trying to set up a website where one can post jobs (subcontracting) and reply with offers (haven't gotten there yet). I tried your calsssifieds plugin, but it did not offer what I need. SSooo here I am, trying to build something from scratch.

I followed the guide you offer on Usage but hit a wall. When I try to post something i get sent to and receive the message 'You are not allowed to edit this post'.

I have checked role (permission) settings and admin, editor, keymaster, etc. should be entitled to edit, create, etc.

In the setup there was an extra 'block' called EP Masks which I set as positive checks to all.

I have 'embedded' the code in the loop ( my God this sounds like Matrix). Something I believe I have done correctly. My FTP had already set up a page called single-beejobs.php, but the embed code was not there.

I am not sure if my theme (Bounce from Ghostpool) is interfering?

Any help would be appreciated and if you have some sort of user manual it would be appreciated. Any tips on how I create a customfield replay to these posts would also fall like water on dry earth :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Jason Lorje