Daily Deal Functionality in MarketPress?


I am brand new here and already have a request lol.

I am in the process of building a Daily Deal website but this doesn’t come without beating my head against the wall trying to find the best plugin and theme to work with.

I located a theme from templatic called “Daily Deal” but it’s not very flexible in a few ways but i do like some of the features so my question or request is can these features be added to MarketPress or are they already there?

Is it possible to set the product to automatically expire on a set date

have a live count down timer until the deal ends

display (Current Price) (Our Price) (You Save $ or %) (Number Of Items Sold) etc? You can take a look at their Daily Deal theme to get a better understanding.

I do not sell any physical products so all products, coupons etc… will be affiliate offers.

Again these features and functions may already be there but i just haven’t located them yet and if they are please accept my apologies for these requests.

I will update this if any other feature requests come to mind as i move forward.

Thank you