Daily schedule error - start time

I am running a site where people can enter their own schedules to teach lessons. I am having people enter in their schedules in the manner appointments uses.

Only problem is - once they enter their schedule, the start time for every single day is the earliest start time they pick for any of the days.

For example, I tried to have start time of 9:30 am on Monday, and 10:30 am on Tuesday. On both Monday and Tuesday, the first cell to be indicated as open when people click on a particular day is actually 9 for both of them, and on Tuesday, it even shows the 9-10 block as open.

I have dived into the code to make sense of this. The error seems to come around appointments.php line 3190. The start time for EVERY individual day is the same as the lowest possible starting time, rather than the starting time for that day.

I did check in the database to see if the daily schedule was being entered in wrong. The answer is no - the serialized daily schedule for Sunday through Monday is in and formatted correctly.

Is there an option in the appointments back end that could be causing this issue?

Thank you!