Damn Spammers! Hints and tips to combat the bams.

Hello all,

OK so I have a BP on WP multisite and running Pro SItes. I am experiencing a bit of spam activity and thought it would be cool if the community put all there tips and suggestions into one thread. Perhaps we could even make a wee ebook out of it and distribute it to WPMU Members!

The difficulty is the balance between ease of accessing functions, keeping things free, not annoying people, not having to spend countless hours checking for spam content.

So there are a lot of functions that I dont want to lock down with pro sites, especially in the early stages of a site as you want to community to grow and have these functions.

Anyway I would appreciate everyones input on this, I would like you to list what areas of your site are getting spam and suggestions, hints, tips etc on how to protect them.

I think we can take it as read that Akismet and Anti-Splog are a pre-requisite.

I will list my problem areas:

1. Creation of groups is free on my site and Im getting spam groups.

2. User profiles can have a description, spammers ar taking advantage of this and filling it with links and pants. Its also difficult to wade through the members page and "spam" them using the admin toolbar at top of page, very time consuming.

3. Private messaging. I have had a few spammers on trying to peddle dating sites. I want to keep these functions free but how do I limit spam messages like these....how does facebook do it? Is there a setting where I can make it so users can only PM there friends? Or have a set amount of PMs to strangers?

4. Even with anti-splog I get a lot of fake sites started. Any extra protection here?

Would really appreciate everyone getting involved in this as its an issue we all face. If there is enough good info I will write up an ebook for WMPU DEV.

I will chip in with my own suggestions for preventitive measures in a bit...