*** Danger, danger ... there's a newbie in the house! ***

I am quite frustrated. As a newbie I've been able to set up my website hosting and install WordPress Multisite, BuddyPress and the Product theme (1.7 which I just upgraded to 1.7.1).

I feel pretty stupid right now, but here goes ...

I can no longer find the BuddyPress option to set the Navigation Bar position to bottom rather than the default top position.

And the Product theme comes with built in content slider. I can populate the content area but I don't seem to be able to find slider control buttons anywhere ... ie < and > for left and right movement.

Ughh! I feel so stupid!

The Product theme does come with a manual but it doesn't tell you a whole lot more than what you can guess when I'm in WP Admin adjusting Theme Options, etc.

Is there a "Product Theme For Dummies" book out there that I can borrow or buy?

Help! ... Michael