Dark screen but not the pop over window with social icons

Hi, I have installed the social marketing in our staging environment, which means I cannot share the link, what happens is that when you click on the advertising, or the box to activate the pop over with the social icons, the screen becomes dark, but the pop over box does not appear. I also see at the end of the link this "/#" so the link is something linke http://dev.telesemana.com/blog/2012/03/01/lorem-ipsum-7/ and when you click I get a dark screen and http://dev.telesemana.com/blog/2012/03/01/lorem-ipsum-7/#



  • Kimberly


    Hello and Welcome to WPMU fourms :slight_smile:

    Without seeing your problem it's hard for me to say what might be happening, however I'm going to suggest that first and foremost you check and make sure it's not a conflict error with any other plugins you have installed. The best way to do this is deactivate all, try the button again and see if it works. If it does then you should turn on the others one by one until you find the troublemaker :slight_smile:

    Secondly, I would suggest you do a fresh install of Social Marketing plugin, just so we are sure you're files made it intact.

    If neither of the above solves the problem then post back here with what theme you are using and maybe a screenshot. We will reopen and move on to the next thing :slight_smile:

    Also, one of our superstar support guys here added that you might want to try: two things, start with disabling caching plugin first, then some plugins that use the lightbox

    OR - if its not with the plugins, try changing the theme.

    Let me know how you get along!



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