Dashboard access dropdown tab missing

Hey Guys,

Just bit the bullet and signed up for the psek hosted full install of the wpmu+buddypress, dropped my old site and hosting service to get the package here.

Got a problem first up, can't access the site dashboard.

Logged in as admin fine, and have the admin navbar across top of page, but when I go to the 'My blogs' to get the drop-down tab for the dashboard, it's not there, no drop down tabs at all.

I don't know any other way to access the dashboard, so can anyone tell me if the method of access has changed between 3.0.1 and 3.0 or is there a problem?

Thanks, Ed.

  • edvt

    Thanks Aaron,

    But it might be better to add that info to the email notifications for new installs, as I can't be the only new-ish user to wordpress who has and will have trouble figuring it out.

    I've created a blog which now shows under the My Blogs tab with a dropdown link to THAT blog's dashboard, but I can't get such a drop down link to the main blog dashboard, and I know for certain that it should be there, as I've just come from this same set up with a wordpress site at another host and was using that dashbaord link constantly to switch back and forth.

    There's definitely something wrong.

    Also, the info I had on the installed package deal included a file of all the plugins from wpmu dev being available, but I can find nothing in the dashboard and have had no information about it offered. Where do I find this?

    Thanks, Ed.

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