Dashboard Feeds are not replacing the default WP feeds


I’m want to create a blog for communicating news and tips to the paying members of the buddypress site. I figured it would be good to add those posts as feeds into the dashboard to draw their attention to recent posts. Now I think this site’s posts will never reach its own Dashboard because it must be created b4 the dashboard-feeds.php will have been updated to add the feeds- a chicken or the egg issue which I would like to avoid.

The problem:

I put the dashboard feed plugin into the /mu-plugins/ folder per the instructions and updated dashboard-feeds.php, but when I create a new site the Dashboard does not have the new feeds. It still has the WP feeds.

I updated the dashboards-feeds.php like so:

$widget_options = ‘http://psychotherapy-network.com’;

$widget_options = ‘http://psychotherapy-network.com/feed/’;

$widget_options = ‘Psychotherapy-network Posts’;

$widget_options = 1;

$widget_options = true;

$widget_options = false;

$widget_options = true;

$widget_options = ‘http://psynet.psychotherapy-network.com/’;

$widget_options = ‘http://psynet.psychotherapy-network.com/feed/’;

$widget_options = ‘Practitioner Support Posts’;

$widget_options = 4;

$widget_options = false;

$widget_options = false;

$widget_options = false;`