Dashboard Feeds only showing for Network Admin


As the title says, the Dashboard feeds are only showing on the multisite network admin dashboard.

I have checked the screen options and it doesn’t show there.

I thought it could be the Dashboard widget order, so disable that with no luck.

Any thoughts..?



  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hi D!

    The dashboard feeds plugin only updates the feeds for new blogs created after the plugin is installed. Any previously created blogs will continue to display the original feeds.

    That being said, can you verify that the sites you are seeing it on were created pre-dashboard feeds install?



  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Bah! :slight_frown:

    Okay on to the tedious stuff i guess :wink:

    can you check that it’s uploaded to the correct place

    Upload your edited dashboard-feeds.php to wp-content/plugins/dashboard-feeds/

    and that the dashboard-feeds.php is not dashboard_feeds.php (notice underscore vs. dash)

    I did notice that the usage instructions were updated a few months ago, but just to be sure, you aren’t using a mu-plugins folder correct?

  • localdirect
    • Flash Drive

    I’ve got the same problem – custom dashboard feeds only showing in network admin (where they’re not a lot of use!)

    This is on new blogs too and I’ve checked the file location and for the – rather than an _ so that’s not where the problem lies.

    Also another thing – assuming we can get this to display on the blog dashboards, how would i set the feed urls to open in a new tab?

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @localdirect, received your file. And it works for me as advertised. Here is a screen showing my site4 site dashboard. This site4 is a local development Multisite system. I have site1 thru site 50. I’ve done some random checks on other sites and all show the same dashboard sections.


    I even downloaded a fresh version of the Dashboard feeds plugin and simply replaced the sections of the file for your two feeds. Just to make sure my local file was not somehow hacked for other changes.

    So the question then is what is the difference between your setup and mine…

    WordPress version 3.3.1

    At the Network I only have the Dashboard plugin active. At the site level no other plugins just to make sure. Also running default TwentyEleven theme. Pretty much a vanilla site.

    The Dashboard Feeds plugin is installed into the directory

    /wp-content/plugins/dashboard-feeds/ Basically download the plugin, unzip it and move the entire directory under the /plugins/ folder. Then edit the dashboard-feeds.php file to configure the feed sections.

    So on your end what information can you provide?

    As for the open in a new window this is not something in the current version. So that will take development effort.

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @localdirect, Of if you can tell me some of the plugins/themes you have on your site I can try and filter through the list. If you have just dozens and dozens of plugins it might help to start with one plugin deactivate it. Check the Dashboard in another window. then reactivate. Move to another plugin. Just a suggestion.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    Just checking in to see if this ticket is now resolved? As we haven’t heard back, I’m hoping it is and am marking it accordingly, but if you have any questions on this in the future, feel free to re-open it and let us know.


  • kylem
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I am still having this same problem. I have created numerous new blogs on my network after installing and configuring the Dashboard Feeds plugin and the Custom Dashboard Widget Order plugin. Neither of these are displaying their results on the dashboards of my new blogs.

    Been through pretty much this entire forum and can’t figure it out. The file name in the plugin IS dashboard-feeds.php just to give all the info. In the feeds settings on the Network Dashboard I have replaced the two default feeds with custom ones and added an additional custom one. All of them display fine but only on the dashboard of my primary site. All subsites still show the default, even for the super admin.

  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @localdirect and @kylem,

    Can I get you to try this beta?


    I did see something in the code that for some reason was causing the issue to occur on my fresh WP 3.5.1 Multisite install. So was able to troubleshoot this a little and patch the code.

    @localdirect, Apologies for the back and forth on this from before and sorry that you gave up on this. Hopefully we can get you to give this a go.


  • Paul
    • The Green Incsub

    @kylem, Great. Thanks for reviewing. I just patched something else which I fear will upset some users. Seems in the code under Multisite it was showing Settings > Dashboard Feeds on the sub-sites. Which I feel is wrong. The whole point of this plugin was to control from the Network what feeds are showing on ALL sub-sites. Maybe no one will notice. :slight_smile:

    Should be officially released in a few minutes.

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