Dashboard for daughter sites

I'm not sure where to post this question, but I have a problem with editing posts in daughter sites. When I log into any site on authenticis.net as Admin (super-admin), I see the same dashboard. That is, I see the same number of posts, pages, categories, etc. Is this correct?

For the mother site, I can edit Posts without any problem, but for daughter sites like authenticis.net/vividliferadio/, if I click on Edit of any Post, nothing happens. When I click on Quick Edit, I see that the Title field is empty. I can give it a name, or rename it the same as it was, click save, and then click Edit to edit the post.

I thought this might be a database issue, but I contacted my admin at my ISP and they said this is almost certainly a software issue and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my database. Any thoughts? I've upgraded to WP 3.0.2 and am running Buddypress 1.2.6.