Dashboard on local site: it tells me it's owned by someone else


I installed a test site called tests.local (with the new Local Lightning by Flywheel), and when I tried to connect the Dashboard to the Hub, it told me that:

This local development site URL is currently registered to Jonathan(part of his email shown here, enough for me to recognize him with the domain name). For security reasons they will need to go to the WPMU DEV Hub and remove this domain before you can log in. If that account is not yours, then make your local development site URL more unique.
Contact support if you need further assistance »

Funnily enough, I know Jonathan :wink: from the French WP Community… met at WordCamps ..

Anyway, obviously, we must be a lot with identical local names.
Do you have a plan to identify that we are different users? or a workaround?

Thanks in advance for your help
Patricia BT

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hello Patricia

    Hope you’re doing well! :slight_smile:

    I’m afraid that there isn’t any way to surpass that. Each WPMUDEV member can connect any domain and that domain cannot be added by another account after that.

    This still applies for local domains as well, so the only solution here is to use another local domain name, less obvious, so it isn’t added by another WPMUDEV member.

    For example, don’t try with the single.local or multi.local ones, those are already connected with my account. :grinning:

    Warm regards,

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