DASHBOARD ONLINE: not accurate


I wish all a happy New year


Have a look here.
this is the online dashboard but it shows a result which is not at all accurate.
The three last pages had been undated already and there should actually no updates of plugins or themes show up! When you visit the pages themselves no update of pages and updates show.

I guess your online version is caching an old and not updated Version - not good as it should always show the actual current state!. We reloaded the page but get same result even in different browsers!


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Andi,

    All the best in new year! :slight_smile:

    I just tested my Hub and had one update notification, after updating it the changes were shown immediately after refreshing the page.
    On your screenshot it seems like there are no updates available for last three sites as the plugin icon is green.

    If you're referring to numbers next to site URL those are not indicators of available updates, it's actually showing overall number of notices not just updates.

    Can you tell me if I'm missing something here, do you actually see in your Hub message saying that updates are available?

    Best regards,

  • Andi

    Hi Predrag

    I am cleaning up a bit on all those tickets but can't close them myself.
    The problem persists actually that information on Defender and the Hub or dashoard and the hub is different.


    I would suggest closing that ticket as it does not have a solution and is already much too old. Unfortunately, I can't set only to "Resolved" and can't set to "CLOSED" Thanks Andi

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Andi,

    We prefer to leave tickets open and set as resolved because once the ticket is closed completely you won't be able to respond there until staff member re-opens it.

    As this current issue was raised quite some time ago I must admit that I don't remember completely what the issue was and the Image you provided is no longer available.
    Were your sites showing that there are plugins to be updated even though everything was already up to date?

    Best regards,

  • Andi

    Hi, Predrag this is why you should give members of WPMUDEV the chance to close or abandon tickets! It helps you to get a better overview and also us who have to deal with issues. You are right images probably no more exist as many tickets are still open since over one year! Therefore I recommend making it much easier to gain an overview and to provide a close all or close all open tickets before (date).

    Of course, the other much better way would be to introduce a strong support policy for your support staff as I mentioned already. Solve a problem in one week if not open it if customer OK for members for one month if no feedback there then open it for half a year for the public who subscribe and can answer but can't post without membership. and if still no answer close it!

    I can do only one thing - I could set all tickets to resolve, which would actually case a complete chaos if everyone will do the same as you would not anymore find easily a solution even not solved which is resolved by providing the solution.

  • Andi

    Hi Predrag it would help already when there would be a way to get those no more used by the customer out of his way.

    i.e. in providing beside Resolved another label which would be also searchable i.e. this label could be

    "abandonned" "On hold" "archive" (last probably the best) "not solved" and setting all those who are older like I described after 6 month automatically to not solved.

    Closed is actually only a label (ok you disable that you can respond afterwards) I know it from a lot of support spaces where a closed ticket can be reopened again! (best solution imho). This way you could close tickets which do not provide a solution after a certain time but they would still be searchable for you and the customer and he could reopen those tickets at any time.

    As you probably have seen I try right now to find a good way to get support and that is to be honest really hard.

    With the chat module I wasn't successful at all as it took to much time of waiting time as the problems I have need actually the plugin developer and not a newcomer in your team who hasn't worked with events+ before, just as an example.

    Panos helped great but this was the old way and the interesting thing is since I am using the link which was given again we can work again faster. I think it is because I spend more time to write a good description of the problem including screenshots and more and then press enter and usually have to correct 2-3 times afterward it has been published - The Problem at wpmudev is that there is no preview! before publishing - but the edit works too, if only it would be possible to change images or add, delete images after published in edit mode (right now not possible).

    After this has been sent I copy actually the page link into the support field in Dashboard so that your developers will have a good detailed description of everything incl screenshots. I like actually to spend more time in writing about a problem in detail rather than chatting as I a chat I don't see what has been talked about already. In a post I can scroll easily up and down, I can search it with the browser find and add images, links easily, so much more worth and especially worth a whole bunch of Gold when the problem pops up again as you can search for it and read about the problem again and often this helps to find a solution. So on the one hand side, it is important to have all those even unsolved threads available but on the other side to focus on recent problems it would be important to list all of those problems with one click.

    On that support page is actually only one label missing to filter out those who are important.
    For example, the Events+ or the Defender Problem showing different results in Hub get posted often and I think that is because it is easier to write about it again then looking and searching to all those problems of the past. Even when using the search functionality.

    Thanks that you make your thoughts about it too and want to talk to the developer. I hope it will help!

    Kind regards

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