dashboard plugin updates vs website plugin updates

When I see the updates appear on my dashboard. Can I assume that the downloadable plugins on your main website, also exactly updated at the same time i.e. If I manually donwloaded a plugin from your site it is the same updated version I see on my WP dashboard or is there a time delay between my dashboard plugin updates and WPMUDEV website plugin updates?

  • Vaughan

    Hi jon,

    Hope you're well?

    As long as you have the wpmudev dashboard plugin installed and activated, they should be exactly the same as reported in the plugins list.

    This is for premium plugins only. The free plugins which you downloaded and installed via wp.org will not be affected as they are always from wp.org.

    However, some plugins on wp.org do have the same name as our premium plugins, so if you de-activate the wpmudev dashboard plugin, you may sometimes get an update notification from wp.org, it is then advisable to actually check before updating first.

    for instance, membership 2 plugin (a lite version) is available for free on wp.org

    However, our premium version is only available from Dev, but without the dashboard plugin installed, you may see an update available for membership 2, updating membership 2 from wp.org will replace your premium version with the free lite version in that case. The dev dashboard plugin will prevent this happening.

    Hope this helps (if I confused you, my apologies)

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