Dashboard Version Displays Incorrect


I updated the PopUp Pro plugin approximately a month ago but my wpmudev dashboard continues to show that I have installed version 3.0. Today I downloaded the lastest version and installed it via ftp but the dashboard continues to show version 3.0.


  • wlpdrpat

    Hey Jude,

    I literally just updated the dashboard plugin today as I was having issues updated wp smush pro plugin. After updating the dashboard I was able to update the wp smuch pro plugin without any problems. It is strange that this issue would only be affecting the popup plugin as all other plugins are displaying correctly.

    I will try what you have suggested but feel doubtful that it will provide the result we are looking for.


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Pat!

    On my info panel, it's showing you with PopUp 3.0, as well, so there's definitely something weird happening. I'm showing most of our plugins on most of your sites are running older versions, is this intentional, or is this something affecting our other plugins as well? Do you by any chance have the free PopUp installed/active at the same time? (If so, deactivate it, that could cause an issue like this.)

    Refreshing your API could actually help here, as Jude suggests, all other things being okay. I know it sounds a bit counterintuitive, but like rebooting a Windows machine (not to compare us to Windows, heh) an API refresh may be just what our software needs to read your update information correctly.

    Let us know if you're still having issues!

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