Dashboard Widget for Membership Plugin for Posts and Pages

I really enjoy the benefits of the wpmudev site, plugins, themes. Thanks a bunch for what you make possible.

The last 72 hours or so I've been feverishly rebuilding a site I purposely destroyed late Friday. This allowed me to introduce all the features from scratch and potentially avoid the issues I had previously been experiencing.

As I set up membership I was also working on content. And today I'm working on content too. It's when I noticed I couldn't choose page permissions and visibility from with Post or Page Edit. I felt a big miss there.

What about it? Only visible to Super Admin and/or Admin - a selector switch for this - who can access this widget in Post / Page Edit/New

And then when doing the deed creating or editing, I can set the permission/viewing levels tied to a membership level right then. Much easier for human memory management too :slight_smile: