Dashboard widget for specific role - show 1 widget for site admin, 1 other widget for subscriber

I'm not seeing the point in the Dashboard Widget without the ability to control who sees it, by WP role.

On a multisite - It would make most sense -and what I want is - to show 1 widget/message for site admins, and a different widget/message to site subscribers.

I have created a Quick Starter Guide video, which I want to display as a widget for newly signed up site admins. But I dont want that to show to their site's subscribers.

How can I control this?

The custom dashboard settings at /wp-admin/network/settings.php?page=custom_content_dashboard would more logically have an "An another widget" button, to create another widget - and to define each to a WP role eg site admin, subscriber.

How can this - or something similar - be done please?

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @Duncan, hope you're doing well today! :slight_smile:

    By any chance, would you be referring to our Custom Dashboard Widget plugin?

    One way that this could be handled would be with some PHP code, determining whether a user has the appropriate capability (for Administrator roles, it would be the manage_options capability). It would mean that you'd need to write your message as part of the code, but it would be an option available to you.

    Would this be something that you'd want to try? If so, what's the link to the video?

    Please advise,

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