Dashboard widget for specific role – show 1 widget for site admin, 1 other widget for subscriber

I’m not seeing the point in the Dashboard Widget without the ability to control who sees it, by WP role.

On a multisite – It would make most sense -and what I want is – to show 1 widget/message for site admins, and a different widget/message to site subscribers.

I have created a Quick Starter Guide video, which I want to display as a widget for newly signed up site admins. But I dont want that to show to their site’s subscribers.

How can I control this?

The custom dashboard settings at /wp-admin/network/settings.php?page=custom_content_dashboard would more logically have an “An another widget” button, to create another widget – and to define each to a WP role eg site admin, subscriber.

How can this – or something similar – be done please?