Dashboard Widget / Membership Combo + More Customizable

The Ultimate Branding plugin’s Custom Dashboard Widget is an awesome feature, however it lacks in just a few things for me.

1. I can only create 1 custom dashboard widget, why not add the ability to have more than just that one?

2. Combine it to work with memberships, so we can also control what custom widgets the users see

3. Allow for site specific custom dashboard widgets. Meaning allow the creator to define their own custom dashboard widgets from within the admin panel itself.

4. Add existing Sidebar Widgets to Dashboard

Amazingly powerful stuff I am asking for here, but you can guess how awesome this would be, especially for my situation, where I would be creating custom dashboards for my clients.

I am in the situation where I am the creator of the blogs, however I make them function in a very different way, to where they are not really blogs. But that’s not important. What is important is the feature I am talking about. This would very much improve my product.