Dashboard Widget Order and Custom Content.

Hey all,

I am doin something wrong here. I added the Custom Content widget to my dashboard no problem, however I am having trouble putting i where I want using the Dashboard Widget Order Plugin. I installed it but I must be using the wrong name for the Custom Content or something.

I have tried about 10 variations to change it, but right now this is what I have in there:

//change the order of the widgets here

$dashboard_widgets_order_left_column[] = ‘dashboard_right_now’;

$dashboard_widgets_order_left_column[] = ‘dashboard_custom_content_dashboard_widget’;$dashboard_widgets_order_left_column[] = ‘dashboard_recent_comments’;

$dashboard_widgets_order_left_column[] = ‘dashboard_incoming_links’;

$dashboard_widgets_order_left_column[] = ‘dashboard_plugins’;

What should I name it? I must be tired and missing the obvious here.

Thanks all!