Dashboard won't show Mapping 4.0 Upgraded

I manually upgraded the domain mapping 4.0 and it shows upgraded on my plugins page. However, my WPMUDev dashboard plugin doesn't recognize it's current, saying I'm still running 3.2.

How do I correct this?

For background, this is a new MU site. The only thing is when I first set it up last week, I did install the 4.0 beta just to check it out, but then removed it and installed the current 3.2 plugin.

Then yesterday when the 4.0 upgrade came out, I attempted the automatic upgrade, it keeps taking me to the WPMU mapping plugin web page and when I click upgrade for my site, it loops and then it says "download only".

I figured my initial install of the 4.0 beta last week may had something to do with it, so I performed a fresh FTP install of the 4.0 stable release. It shows updated on the network dashboard but I keep getting the WPMU upgrade reminders.

Any ideas?