[data merge] create plugin that will let you write on pdfs and word documents

It would be awesome if wpmu dev created a plugin that let you create merge fields and merge data fromthe wordpress profile to pdfs and/or word documents. This could be achieved through a form plugin.

  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    This dove-tails with my crusade for DEV to make plugins more extensible. Every change they make to make their plugins more accessible by other developers translates to many features that we will have and which they won’t need to maintain in the future.

    As a perfect example, and relevant to this request, Forminator is getting “hooked up” soon so that we can more easily create plugins to use the data we gather from forms, polls, and quizzes. Once we have ready access to that data we’ll be able to make use of it with other common tools – and that includes creating Word docs, Google Docs, PDF, and integration with any data format, database, service, utility, or whatchumacallit on the planet.

    Personally, rather than ask WPMU DEV for plugins, or in addition to that, I’d like to see more community created around add-ons for their plugins. If we foster a lively third-party ecosystem, we’ll get a lot of features faster than if we rely on DEV for everything – and DEV can focus on core things that we can’t and/or don’t want to get into out here.

    In summary, ask for more extensibility: with that we’ll get a ton of things that we ask for in these forums, usually followed by long periods of waiting …

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