Database Charset best practice

Hello there !

Still having littles troubles with with [censored] charset and was wondering if that would be good to have all thoings (database connection AND interclassement to utf 8 general ci ?

In fact, i have just noticed that the databases were still in "latin swedish" (dont ask me why Mysql apply that by default...) and i am now setting up all my databases in utf8.

good idea? Here is what I have :

Database character_set_client : utf8
Database character_set_connection : utf8
Database character_set_database : utf8
Database character_set_filesystem : binary
Database character_set_results : utf8
Database character_set_server : latin1
Database character_set_system : utf8
Database character_sets_dir : /usr/share/mysql/charsets/
Database collation_connection : utf8_general_ci
Database collation_database : utf8_general_ci
Database collation_server : latin1_swedish_ci

Is that coherent ? must I change something ?

/me hates charsets as css ^^