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But I decided it should be posted in this Feature Suggestions Forum.

We would like to request the development a Database Creation Plugin for WPMS 3.0.1.

Our users are desperately requesting a plugin in which Super Admin can create a simple database of about 10 fields per record.
Fields could be: int, text, date, checkbox, textbox, etc.

Suggested Steps:
1-Super Admin creates the database, with a GUI, that will be managed by SuperAdmin control panel.
2-Then Site Admins will be able to add, modify, delete records related to each user using SiteAdmin control panel and determine which users could view which fields of each record.
eg. ownerId, paymentDate, paymentAmount, paymentMethod, currentBalance, Memo

3-Site Users will be able to view certain fields of the records related to their respective userID, not all.

(A variant of this plugin could be the possibility that also Site Owners have the ability to create databases.)

Plugin should be Supporter-ready and Membership-ready.

The keypoint in making the decision regarding which type of WPMUDEV membership we should buy, was that ELITE members have "priority development requests". Since our users are now requesting such a powerful feature, we are posting this "priority development request" with the hope that within a reasonable time span it could be developed.

Please note that we strongly belief that the development of aforementioned plugin could dramatically increase WPMUDEV subscription rate.

Everybody knows what happens when you are not able to provide your customers with what they want: Sooner or later they will find another provider who could. We cannot afford that our clients start to look to another provider, and thus suffer a reduction in our client base. As always, the help of WPMUDEV will be appreciated.

You can read more about what our users are desperately requesting in this thread:

The Thread

  • Mason

    Hiya cbriere!

    Thanks for posting the suggestion and for being a member here. I actually think you could do this already through our CustomPress plugin (for creating a custom post type with whatever sort of data entry you'd like to include).

    Super Admin can create the custom post types and Site Admins would be able able to enter in information specific to their site. Then the membership plugin could be used to make the content visible or hidden depending on how you set up the rules.

    It's a bit of a complicated task - definitely taking WordPress to the full-fledge CMS level which rocks. I see you've posted in the CustomPress forum thread and I know Ivan has a new release on the way. Keep us updated on how it's going and we'll help ya troubleshoot if any issues arise.


  • cbriere

    Thanks for the reply.

    Sorry to bother, but from what I have read in the forums I have found no clue on how to start this project.

    I haven't seen any tutorial, example or instructions on how to accomplish even a similar project.

    Maybe I have read something that might help but maybe due to my limited PHP knowledge I haven't realized that it was the solution. That's why I posted here, as a member, hoping that someone with a greater PHP knowledge, could help, point to a tutorial or provide an instructions manual.

    Please note that I appreciate your help and interest.

  • Mason

    Hiya cbriere,

    We are continually working to update and provide better documentation on all plugins here and features of WordPress in general. I think one of the issues here is that a lot of these features are extremely new. Custom post types in general were only a glimmer in the developer's eye a year ago. (They were introduced to WordPress in 2.9).

    Our first plugin to take provide a UI for this kind of thing is the new CustomPress plugin which was only released a couple weeks ago. Writing up manuals and doing some screencasts for these things are all on the agenda it's just a matter of time.

    I know that's not the greatest answer when you're needing to dig into a project and get things going straight away. As I said earlier, WordPress is really in the beginning stages of providing full-fledge CMS abilities to the masses. It's been 'doable' for awhile, but highly custom.

    My thought would be that you could create your custom post types and the rest of your taxonomy needs through our CustomPress plugin. Again, it's new and actually do for a new release very shortly.

    To create the interface for your users to actually enter the information, an easy way to do it would be to use the very popular Gravity Forms plugin. Take a look at it's feature list and see if it's something that could help you with this particular need:

    Perhaps even allowing each of your site admin's to create their own form would be a unique way to provide this for your clients.

    Hope this helps. Thanks again for your feedback.

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