database error after installing New Blog Templates.... table for categories doesn't exist

Perhaps this error occurs because I haven't set up any templates yet. In fact, I haven't done anything with this plugin at all yet. Still, it is odd that it is causing errors for me to even load its admin page. I'm getting several of the following error:

[01-May-2014 22:08:21] WordPress database error Table 'xxx_yyy.uhooh03ma_nbt_templates_categories' doesn't exist for query INSERT INTO uhooh03ma_nbt_templates_categories (name,description,is_default) VALUES ('Default category','',1) made by require('wp-admin/plugins.php'), activate_plugin, include_once('/plugins/blogtemplates/blogtemplates.php'), require_once('/plugins/blogtemplates/blogtemplatesfiles/blog_templates.php'), blog_templates->__construct, blog_templates_model->add_default_template_category, blog_templates_model->add_template_category

What do you guys think?