Database error in moving a multisite group

Hi, we have come across a likely fatal error in our movement of a group of sites.

We we attempt to go to this page:

We get this error:
The requested URL /2012/01/04/what-were-you-doing-new-year’s-eve-day-let’s-check-the-server-log/ was not found on this server.

I know this is either one of those easy fixes or it is all bad. We have moved a number of groups before, but this just popped up. I know in the past I did something to correct having those odd characters come up in wordpress headlines. However, URLs are now affect as you can see.

Any help appreciated! I really just need guidance as to whether we pull the database down and do it again or maybe someone knows a quick fix. DB is about six gigs.

EDITED UPDATE TO OUR QUESTION: I am assuming we made an error in character sets / collation. We have access to old server and can pull this down again. I guess the updated question is how do we avoid making the error twice?