database error when creating new sites with new blog template through the standard signup page.

Ok so I am using multi-site and I am able to create a site in my network admin user panel but if I have someone go to the wp-signup.php page to create a site it creates the site but when they go to log in there is a database eror that reads like this

One or more database tables are unavailable. The database may need to be repaired.

So I clicked on the link that says "repaired" and it gives me the option to have wordpress auto repair the database. (I had to add the code define('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true); to the wp-config.php file to even have this option)

This is what it says on the screen with the option to repair the database.

One or more database tables are unavailable. To allow WordPress to attempt to repair these tables, press the “Repair Database” button. Repairing can take a while, so please be patient.
"Repair Database"

Once I click it it does it's thing and says.

Some database problems could not be repaired. Please copy-and-paste the following list of errors to the WordPress support forums to get additional assistance.

here is the following : )

wp_6_posts: Table 'kris_wrdp4.wp_6_posts' doesn't exist
wp_6_comments: Table 'kris_wrdp4.wp_6_comments' doesn't exist
wp_6_links: Table 'kris_wrdp4.wp_6_links' doesn't exist
wp_6_options: Table 'kris_wrdp4.wp_6_options' doesn't exist
wp_6_postmeta: Table 'kris_wrdp4.wp_6_postmeta' doesn't exist
wp_6_terms: Table 'kris_wrdp4.wp_6_terms' doesn't exist
wp_6_term_taxonomy: Table 'kris_wrdp4.wp_6_term_taxonomy' doesn't exist
wp_6_term_relationships: Table 'kris_wrdp4.wp_6_term_relationships' doesn't exist
wp_6_commentmeta: Table 'kris_wrdp4.wp_6_commentmeta' doesn't exist

Ok so the rest of the story : )
I am using the template plugin from WPMU Dev ( to copy a default blog template when creating a new site. It works fine when I create them from my admin panel but when I have someone create one through the sign up page this is what happens. My default theme is Thesis which I had to manipulate according to their instructions ( so I could enable it to work with multisite. ummm I guess thats it lol I'll be working on finding a solution. Any input would be highly appreciated : ) Thanks

  • DavidM
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    Hi krisdarty and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Sorry you're having trouble with using the plugin, Thesis on a multisite has been highly problematic as far as I've seen and it does sound like that's the issue here.

    Any way you could try doing the same thing using the default Twenty Eleven theme?


  • Philip John
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    As we haven't heard back from you we're going to assume the problem was sorted out and mark this thread as resolved.

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