Date-based archive displays a blank calendar

On a page with [eab_calendar], if I click on the month name at the top of the page, I am taken to a URL like this:

What I see on this page is a blank calendar.

I reported something similar here and Rupok pointed out that I needed to select the proper archive template in Events >> Settings >> Appearance Settings. However, that doesn't seem to affect this view for year/month.

Is this accomplished some other way?

If not, can I disable the link functionality in the date at the top of the calendar?

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello kalico,

    I've tested that quickly on my multisite and I could not replicate this issue with empty calendar - I changed template in the Events settings and it still shows events in calendar.
    However my suspicion is that on your site it is network calendar and archive is not using network setting, its just showing normal archive for this subsite.

    I'm not sure if this can be override with some quick changes in the plugin code, so I prepared small snippet to use as MU plugin (
    ), that will disable this link:

    function remove_cal_link_wpmudev(){
    jQuery('#eab-calendar-eab-monthly_calendar-eab-shortcode_calendar a').css('cursor','default');
    jQuery('#eab-calendar-eab-monthly_calendar-eab-shortcode_calendar a').click( function(e){

    kind regards,

  • kalico

    Hi Kasia Swiderska Thanks for your help with this! You are correct, there is something wrong with how my site is redirecting. Ivan is going to be working on that, so hopefully it will be resolved.

    But just in case it's not, your code is a great solution. :slight_smile: I wonder if I can trouble you to take this one step further (if it's even possible....?) -- and that is to de-link-ify that link entirely? I would like it to be just plain text.

    The reason I want to go that one more step is that I am absolutely certain that the first complaint I will hear from beta testers will be "that link on the calendar page doesn't work!" because they can see the URL in their browser (e.g., at the bottom of the browser, in Chrome, when hovering on the link) and will wonder why it's "broken" :slight_smile:

    This may all be a moot point if Ivan can get this other problem solved, but I am curious if it's possible to go plain text, if needed.

    Thank you again, very much!!

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