Date-driven (by year) MultiSite question

Hi. I'm trying to figure out if I can create either a subdomain or subdirectory MultiSite for a website that has a HUGE database of posts from present date back to 2008. My thought would be to separate the data into separate databases, by year. ls there any insight you can provide to assist in these choices and decisions? I've got 1 copy of the theme and don't want to purchase an additional theme for each of the networked websites. I'm stuck on how to direct the user to the correct website/database depending on which year's data they want to see. The website(s) will live on a VPS.
Do these questions make much sense?
Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

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    Hello Robert

    Hope you're doing well!

    It is possible to split database, but it is risky. Splitting the database can potentially cause issues in the long run if you're not familiar with database administration.

    You can also consider getting a database hosting service instead, that will handle the MySQL server load. Here are a few reliable services:

    If a goal is not to split the database to reduce MySQL server load, but to organize the site and show posts per year, please try creating Custom Archive page, here is a good tutorial:

    In the end, if you wish to go with a multisite with subsite/subdirectory structure, a single site can't become multisite at this point. From the SEO view, it is better to be a subfolder structure, because the search engines will encounter the subsites as an entirely new site.

    A multisite needs to be created first, on a localhost for example, and a single site moved into the multisite, which is a complex procedure and you need to be familiar with phpMyAdmin. Make sure you have a full backup of a single site.

    First pre-install all plugins and theme in a multisite. Then move the single database to multisite. Each database per site has wp_(blog index number)_tablename structure. Rename the single's DB tables like wp_options to wp_1_option, do the same for the rest of the tables. Make sure to replace the URLs at the end.

    Then please try the Multisite Content Copier plugin, this will help to clone posts from the main site to a subsite.

    If all is well, a site is ready to go live.

    With this change, please also consider that a lot of work on SEO needs to be done so the page rank would not drop down. All the old posts' URLs need to point to the new URL address.

    Hope this will help!


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