Date Exclusion plugin on WPMU

I'm trying to use Date Exclusion SEO plug in on my WPMU site. It activates without problem, but when I try to save new settings, I get the message 'Error! Options page not found'. This is on Buddy Press Community Theme.

Is this plug in not compatible with WPMU? and, if not, is there an alternative that I can use?

  • kingdomtools
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Like a good user, I searched previous postings to see if there was anything on Date Exclusions native to WPMU, or on the WP plugin Date Exclusions SEO (

    Since I have not found a native WPMU plugin the need to hide (drop) posting dates, I thought I'd see if there had been any traction on the above WP 3rd party plugin.

    OR, would there be any interest at WPMU Dev to develop a plugin that would be network enabled for admins (not just super admins) to remove posting dates.

    Cool features:
    1) opt to remove posting dates on a single post
    2) opt to remove posting dates on all posts
    3) opt to drop the posting date after "x" number of days.

    Other suggestions:
    1) Make it user friendly by allowing this feature's variables to be manipulated for each post through fields located under the Publish box on posts.
    2) While at it, why not also give the option of removing the post author's name? At least for the main site, it always bugs me to have admin, admin, admin on everything.


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